Where’s MacKenzie?

January 29th, 2017: Bera, Pahang, Malaysia

January 2nd, 2017: Kuala Lumpur

December 20th: Harare, Zimbabwe

December 14th: Nairobi, Kenya

December 10th- 14th: Mombasa, Kenya

December 6th: Nairobi, Kenya

September 6th: Arrived in Reunion Island- a French overseas territory to stay for three months with my host family from Tahiti until I start my Fulbright in January.

August 29th: Left Djibouti for Nairobi Kenya to stay with a friend for one week.

May 22nd: 1:13 AM- Made it to my host family, safe and sound.

May 21st: 5:19 PM (Qatar time)- Checking in at Doha, Qatar. Have one hour before my flight to Djibouti, Djibouti.

May 18th- May 21st: Dubai, UAE.

Burj Khalifa Skyline

Dubai Skyline

May 17th- May 18th: Oslo, Norway.

Opera House View

View from Opera House

Check out my Oslo blog post to learn all about my adventure!

May 16th- May 17th: In the air somewhere.

May 16th- May 22nd: Travel to Djibouti.. with  many stops in between.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 1.54.26 AM

The world is a large place and I know there are plenty of locations I could potentially inhabit during these next months. So, I plan to utilize this page as a location-diary of sorts. I hope to check-in with a couple of comments here and there for those times when a blog post takes too long to post or for when I lack the imagination to write a full post on my whereabouts.

So, feel free to follow along and if I fail on my end- don’t let me stop posting!