12371118_10207221969520230_8053225624209623976_o“Just go- and don’t look back.”

About 6 months ago, a Travel Blogger emailed me with some advice on my disease called the travel bug. And that was it. She told me if I had the urge to go find beauty in the world, then I ought to do it.

So, here I am. A recent college graduate from a small liberal arts college in the middle of Iowa looking to find true beauty in people, places, cultures, and the ambiguity travel is built around.

As I wait to start my Fulbright scholarship in Malaysia in 2017, I am jumping to and fro as I like. I am looking to develop relationships with those that populate this Earth. Hopefully I will be one step closer to finding the essence of humanity.

But most importantly, I hope to find how small this world really is.

-MacKenzie Bills

Interfaith-er, an enigma, and a people- lover.